Walna Scar


If you park near Torver (about 1/2 mile north) by a left-hand T junction. First you ride up the first lane until you reach a farm house, take the first right by the house and follow the obvious trail upwards. After about 1 mile of undulating trail, you reach the main Walna Scar road (calling it a road ?). Turn left onto this and continue to the top, about another mile. Now turn back. The first 1/2 mile of the descent is unbelievably rocky. After a very rocky gully, there is 1/4 mile of open grassland to a bridge which has loads of natural ramps, drop-offs, etc. After the bridge, keep to the main trail until you reach the trail you ascended by and turn onto it. This is where the real fun starts - fast, whoopy, gigantic water splashes, excellent fast corners and a mental slate path descent.

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  1. GravatarRobert Procter said: March 17th, 2013
    You don't need to start this ride from Torver. If you are simply planning on riding up and down on the Coniston side then drive into Coniston and turn left BEFORE the garage, keep heading up hill for a mile or two. Eventually you'll come to a free car park on Torver Common. From here you can ride the full length of the road. It will take you about 45mins up and 10 down! Here is a video I made of the ride.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKLEAqDwVAnother version of the ride is to head over the back going down into the Duddon Valley, you need to turn left before going through the gate that takes you off the fell. Turning left will take you through a disused quarry (you'll see it marked on an OS map). You then come down across Broughton Moor to Stephenson Ground. You then return by road to Torver.
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