Grizedale - The North Face Trail

Trail submitted by James Kirby

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The North Face Trail, Grizedale at Under the boardwalk.For details of the trail you can find them here:

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April 29th 2006 - I rode it, late last year after it had been raining and before trail improvements, it was not brilliant then. But after some trail The North Face Trail, Grizedale at Topsy Turvy. maintenance, improvements and dry weather I got to ride it over the Easter weekend. The trail is made up of proper single track, board walks and fire road, all combining into a 10 mile loop around one side of Grizedale forest. The single track is not as fast as any 7Stanes trail, but that is only because the small stones have not been removed and there is only gravel on some parts of the trail, which makes for a more natural trail, although I would prefer a gravel track then I would be able to ride faster. The board walks are a nice touch. There not technical, although if your are a good rider there are some challenges dotted around. There are also two board walk berms which came as a surprise to one of my friends who loves burms, they are built well and do a dam good job of getting you around the corners. On the note of burms, there are few on the trail and some jump-able humps as well ...

All in all it is a nice trail, well worthy of riding as it is the only one I know of in Cumbria.
Go ride it if you have not already ridden it!

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  1. GravatarJonathan Lumb from Kendal said: August 25th, 2008
    Wow! I've only rode this one once and ever since I have been dying to let my tyres roll round those sweet berms and boardwalks once again. The north face trail is an excellent route set up at grizedale with windy corners, fast sections, banked planks, kickers... you name it, it has it. My only grudge is that I didn't know where the jumps were so never had the necessary speed :)
  2. Gravatarstuart mackin from barrow in furness said: September 21st, 2009
    I try to ride the north face 3 or 4 times a month and each time leaves a smile on my face - from trying to improve my trail time to hitting more of the jumps. Its not a hugely difficult trail to ride and I have seen children arouind the age of 10 doing it, but if you ride it aggressivly it throws up a good few challenges and can test your bike.The best sections are the last 2 - A good single track downhill, with plenty of speed - a good flowing track, some small jumps and hairpins over the streams. Then the last section, through the farmers field to the carpark gate - you can ride this really fast as long as you are sharp on your brakes for the gates.Not as good as whinlatter, but an excellent ride, with oportunities to do some downhill on riverbeds throughout the forest as well.
  3. GravatarPhilip evans from Warrington said: June 17th, 2012
    The track and signs are easy to miss. Map gives numbers ans the posts on the trail do not have them. The new black section is verynshort and technical, but not worth the drive to do. Over all the track is ok if you are in the area, but don't go out of your way to do this one. Winlater is better in the lakes. Good effort thou
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