Keswick Dismantled Railway

Trail submitted by James Kirby

This route is only a small dismantled railway so is suitable for families but if you up for a ride up Skiddaw can make your route a bit further.

There are only a few inclines, so if you take your kids on there they will not have much to climb. The first incline from Keswick is a long one, which until recently was steep, but now is steady so you can ride up it without much effort. Also recently added was a board walk to bypass a further incline, this goes over and around the larger tunnel, which is inaccessible now but is still in decent condition.

You can park at the old Railway Station (Click here for a map) for free, they are plenty of spaces and it is also right next to the track itself.

The route is so simple you do not need many instructions as there is no where to turn off, this is a good advantage of a railway.

The total distance is 4.5km to the end, which makes 9km there and back again. The end is at the A66 where it starts to climb on a tarmacked cycle path to the main road. If you are up for more there are quiet roads around the area to make nice a loop of around 29km.

One of the Keswick Dismantled Railway iron bridges.

Along the way there are may bridges to be looked at and crossed, a few stations, one tunnel and a few sheds that you can stop in if it is raining. Within the sheds the walls have boards on with history about the railway that you might find of interest. There is plenty of shelter from the rain and wind from the many trees located on the sides of the track. Please watch out for walkers, taking a bell is a good idea, they can then hear you coming.

While you are travelling up the track, you will feel the slight incline, it is not much but is there. This makes for a easy run back as it is mostly downhill on the way home! You might also want to watch the river on the way up and down as there are regularly canoeists riding the water.

For more information:

Wikipedia: Keswick and information about the disused railway.

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  1. GravatarJeff from Lake District said: September 11th, 2009
    I live close to here and it it a gorgeous little run. You can cross the A66 at the end, go to Castlerigg stone circle then circumnavigate Derwentwater for about a 20 mile run. Or forget the lake and drop back into keswick, returning to the starting point.
  2. GravatarOli Smith from Lake District said: July 4th, 2011
    This is one of the best rides in the lakes in my opinion. Great to do on a rainy day and get back for some pub grub in Keswick!
  3. GravatarDoddsta from Tynemouth said: July 11th, 2012
    For a real good and testing ride, at the end of railway take left thrrough Threlkeld and up to skiddaw car park and follow trail until you have the option of turning right to do skiddaw loop after passing skiddaw house, or left to take on the shorter but brilliant lonscale fell.One thing for sure, the lakes is the best destination bar none for proper mountain biking and beautifull sceneryBe back again this weekend
  4. Gravatardavid bell from maryport said: June 19th, 2014
    Just to let people know that parking at Keswick old railway station is NO longer free there's pay and display meters installed now
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