Ennerdale Forest


  1. Starting at Bowness Knott car park, depart South East along the north side of Ennerdale Water. Downhill start, mixture of dirt and tarmac.
  2. Keep going straight ahead, past the road on the RIGHT (to bridge / ford), then straight on past Gillerthwaite, Ennerdale youth hostel. Good forest road.
    Distance so far: 1.65 miles
  3. Keep left staying on the main forest road, which is gently uphill.
    Distance so far: 3.96 miles
  4. Gate to Black Sail youth hostel. Swing RIGHT, downhill with main forest road, then down the far side of the valley.
    Distance so far: 5.87 miles
  5. Keep RIGHT take the low road, good surface.
    Distance so far: 7.49 miles
  6. Fork LEFT uphill, not over the bridge. Big undulations, cooler in the bigger trees during summer, snow lies longer here in the winter.
    Distance so far: 8.14 miles
  7. Swing RIGHT through two gates and over River Liza. Dry for most of the year, but if water is running at more then a trickle, retrace to instruction six and use the outbound route as the return.
    Distance so far: 10.56 miles
  8. T-junction turn onto main road forest. Retrace to Bowness Knott and then Finish.
    Distance so far: 12.48 miles

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  1. GravatarLiam Nicholls from St Bees said: August 26th, 2012
    Good ride, lots of loose stones and shale towards black sail hut but a testing route. Good ride back down to the car park but be careful as nice days attract lots of walkers who lurk around every corner. You can cycle to and from this trail on the West Cumbria Cycle path to add extra miles, it's around an extra 10 miles each way from St Bees or 14 each way from Whitehaven.
  2. GravatarRob Mc from West Cumbria said: August 22nd, 2013
    Great route, I use this regularly as it's a good all-weather ride. The return route detailed above offers an escape from the walkers who tend to stick to the main track to Blacksail. Carrying on to the Fox
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