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"By the way, your site is awesome!",
Mirefoot Cottages, - Jan 07

Visitor, March 6th 06
"While Googling I came across your site and just wanted to let you know how
nice, tidy and clear I thought it was. Just what a web site should be (alas,
we are not quite there at the moment)." - Jamie S

Visitor, April 2nd 2006
"Just been looking at your web site, you have some fantastic features! just started out mountain biking last year so will be popping back to visit the site." - Marie W

Visitor, April 2nd 2006
"Just found your site and thought it was fantastic ... a great mix of interesting comments and quality links, really well presented and clear - I have bookmarked it and will pass it on to people that I know as a recommendation, thank god there are people out there who can create decent sites rather than the usual mediocre stuff that I see all the time ... and on a mac too (naturally). Thanks for the inspiration." - Jon R

The Westmorland Gazette, October 1st 2004 - Featured in Roaming the Net.

Visitor, February 6th 2003
"What a great site! I've bookmarked you and I'll be back!" - Simon D

Visitor, November 6th 2002
"Great Site. Love Grizedale Forest trails. Excellent!" - Jamie S

The Independent, June 1st 2002 - Site of the week
"A great idea - a web site about Cumbria dedicated to mountain biking. The region is innately suitable for the sport, and the enthusiasm of the web site maintainers for the activity is clear: Cumbria has some of the best cross-country trails for mountain biker, such as the Langdale Loop, and downhills such as the Skiddaw DH - find out all about them. here. Other rugged regions of the country are sure to follow suit."

The Westmorland Gazette, May 10th 2002 - Site of the week
"To find out where to go visit www.mountain-bike-cumbria.co.uk for an excellent guide on trails in the region. The trails are listed alphabetically, and with one click you're through to a detailed itinerary. The Coast-to-Coast, for example, provides a detailed start-to-finish guide which includes a step-by-step itinerary, cross referenced to maps recommended. You can't get lost on this site - and it will definitely keep you on the right tracks."

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  1. GravatarSean Duffy from Whitehaven said: March 3rd, 2012
    Do you know of any mountain biking areas in the West of the County, near Whitehaven/Workington? Thanks!
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