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When I buy products I look for quality and usability some times over price. So here are my views on the products I have bought!

With ratings, where to buy and images so you can find it at the shop!

Crumpler Puppet Camera BagCrumpler Puppet Camera Bag

FOR SALE - I have not found a use for this yet, so if any want to buy one for £90 let me know. Payment via PayPal, unused, no tags, although I am not sure how I would post some thing this size!

Bought from Wiggle for £139.99

Canon EOS 350D, Digital SLR Canon EOS 350D, Digital SLR

I decided to buy this camera after using my Sony DSC V-3 for many months and due to the level of photography I wanted, it could not be achieved using the Sony. So I had to switch to a full on SLR as the Sony was an intermediate camera, with many good functions including night vision (which I miss, but is mad up by using a high ISO and IS or a large flash), 4x optical zoom (but is slower than a manual lens) and 2.5 inch screen (the Canon only has 1.8in).
More review to be added in a few weeks.

Bought from for £525.70 - Rating: 5/5

Canon EFS 10-22mm USM LensCanon EFS 10-22mm USM Lens

If you want fantastically wide angle photos on you Canon DSLR then this lens is a must, I have only used it a little, but the results are already fantastic! It's just amazing how close you can can get to your subject, almost too close some times! You can get a whole 19 inch monitor in from about a foot away, which is dam close. Check out the recent action shots as some will have used this lens.

Also I bought a new lens hood to go with this and it's very large, and I will use it soon when the time comes.

Bought from for £474.98 (lens) - Rating: 5/5
and for £33.99 (Lens Hood, not pictured) - Rating: 3/5 - Very Large.

Canon EFS 17-85mm IS USM LensCanon EFS 17-85mm IS USM Lens & Lens Hood (EW-73B)

I bought this with the camera as I need a lens and buying a Body and Lens was better than buying a 'Ready Made Set' as I could then get a lens better suited to the photography I desired to take.
More review to be added in a few weeks.

Bought from for £439.00 (lens) - Rating: 5/5
and Warehouse Express for £19.99 (Lens Hood, not pictured) - Rating: 5/5 - Stops the snow and the rain to a point, looks good too.

Canon Eyepiece Extender (EP-EX15)Canon Eyepiece Extender (EP-EX15)

The main reason for buying this is so my nose rubs less on the LCD, but the only minor problem with this is the optics although after some use you will get used to it.

The view thorough the viewfinder is slightly reduced, they say it's 1.5x but I think it could be more. Although when you have a 17mm everything appears further away!

Bought from Warehouse Express for £17.49 - Rating: 3/5

Canon Speedlight 430EX, Flash GunCanon Speedlight 430EX, Flash Gun

Since I aim to take action photography and I live in the UK, it's gloomy in the winter months, also I can use it in dark places live caves (I plan on taking some creative cave photography this year) ... I need a powerful flash!

It's the middle flash in the range, but packs lots of features and power. A useful function is the zoom, which is useful for subjects that are further away. The flash exposure compensation is (going to be) useful for caves and larger rooms, I have used it in my room and it's almost a white out!

The main reason I bought it was for action, so I can freeze it. And it works, even if its really dark. And the super quick recycling time (about a second) is useful if you need to take photos of lots of people!

By only problem with it and the camera is the focusing in the dark can be poor, my Sony used a Laser focusing system, which I thought was amazing and will be missed, it did mean you could focus in any light!

July 31st 2006 - I used this in a cave and it appears to work much better in pitch black than grey, although I would still like to have a laser based focus system like on my previous Sony which was dam good!

Bought from Jessops for £229.99 - Rating: 5/5

Hama AA Rechargeable BatteriesHama AA Rechargeable Batteries

I have got a set of 2400mHa, 2500mHa and 2600mHa the latter obviously lasting longer.

They last quite a long time and are very recommended, if you need speed for your flash then a fresh pair work very quickly!

Also I have recently purchased on eBay some AA battery holders, they came in blue and pink, but I can use that so I know which power batteries are in which. Also if there pointing towards the opening, then I know they not used, just a tip!

Available in most good camera shops. - Rating: 5/5

Crumpler Stunner Camera BagCrumpler Stunner Camera Bag

It's only a small camera bag, not too many features, but is almost perfect for what I need! In the bag I can store my SLR with lens and lens hood attached in reverse, Flash Gun, a bar of Kendal Mintcake, some food, extra camera + AA batteries, some cleaning equipment, mobile and money.

There is limited room so you can only use it if your only using a minimal about of camera equipment.

It's weather proof, tough and padded well. I like the use of semi rigid compartment dividers, makes it more squash proof. I could only do with a little more space for the extras you carry.

Bought from Wiggle for £54.99 - Rating: 4/5

Lowepro Bottle BagLowepro Bottle Bag

I added this to the Crumpler Stunner Camera Bag so I could have a drink. As when I am out in the field and it's warm I could do with a drink. And there is some space around the bottle for small bars of food. Great little add on!

Bought from Warehouse Express for £7.99 - Rating: 4/5

Lexar Firewire Compact Flash Card ReaderLexar Firewire Compact Flash Card Reader

I had bought a CF card reader from eBay but it was USB and when I am using a 2GB memory card it is very slow!!! So I decided to find something a little faster which I did.

It can download many photos in seconds instead of minutes at about 20mb's per second (USB is about 0.5mb's per second!). Very recommended if you download photos often.

Bought from Warehouse Express for £29.99 - Rating: 5/5

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