Riding over the large fun box!

This is a small action sequence taken with my Sony DSC V3.

Riding over the large fun box!

This fun box is at Glentress. If you want to ride it, you should know where it is.

I have created it using Adobe Photoshop. And in several stages built it up.

  1. Created a document, large enough (in dimensions) to hold all of the photos.
  2. Zoomed into 100% (scale) and placed all but the lowest layer to 50% so I could see though them and then align/rotate them to the correct positions. I had to do this because I was not using a tripod and tracking some of the latter motion shots.
  3. Layer by layer, starting on the second layer, as the first layer is the base. Edit around the rider (on each layer) and feather so it looks like it looks in the correct position, so the rest of the picture is hidden. This then reveals the background of the first image.
  4. Save as PSD, so I have the full document.
  5. And lastly crop so it looks better!

Hope it inspires you to try this type of photography. The main thing you need it a camera such as the Sony DSC V3, a speed burst mode and a fast shutter speed (unless it bright and sunny).

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